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ઉનાળુ વેકેશન માં પ્રોજેક્ટ અમલીકરણની કામગીરી કરવા બાબત.
રાજ્યની તમામ સરકારી પ્રાથમિક / માધ્યમિક / ઉચ્ચતર માધ્યમિક શાળાઓમાં ઉનાળુ વેકેશન દરમિયાન પ્રોજેક્ટ અમલીકરણની કામગીરી કરવા બાબત SSAનો લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર તારીખ :- 03/05/2021

Circular of SSA regarding implementation of project in summer vacation in all primary / secondary schools, 03-05-2021

Art Gujarat School Education Council _L Complete Education Jayshree Dewangan, G.A.S.  State Project Office, Sector-16AD, State Project Director, Gandhinagar-2018, Gujarat, Samagra Shiksha Phone: (07) 517 E - mail: Number:

Samagra Shiksha 2031 / Kovid-15) 20  Ta.  Per 1B 2091 por los Per, (1) District Project Coordinator and District Education Officer District Primary Education Officer, District Education Officer's Office, District Project Office, Dist. All District Additional District Project Coordinator and Govt. Officer, Ahmedabad: Corporation:  , Surat, Vadodara 

Subject: Reference: At school level during the summer vacation of the academic year 2020-21 (dt. 05.03.2011 to dt. 05.03.2021) regarding project implementation work (1) Resolution No. of Education Department, Government of Gujarat:  Mashab / 12 20/2 / Dt.  8.04.2021 (2) Office No: ssA / Mis / 2021 / 14813-879 Dt. 20/05/2031 Dt.  

And according to the context, to state that, Resolution No. of the Department of Education, Government of Gujarat: Mashab / 150/6 / six from 8.09.2021 to summer vacation in schools in the academic year 2060-21 from 08.02.2011 to 05.02.  

Announced during 2011.  In order to control the global epidemic caused by the transmission of Corona virus (COVID.19) as per the instructions given in this resolution, the state government and local bodies have decided to hire an academic / non-academic staff / officer from government and private primary, secondary and higher secondary schools in the state.

Academic and non-academic staff / officers who have not been assigned any work to the officers will not have to come to the school.  However, all instructions issued by the State Government and / or local authorities shall be strictly followed.  

In order to ensure that the implementation of the above instructions in the resolution does not interfere with the implementation of the project, non-vacation eligible employees at school level will be required to attend vacations during the summer vacation period as required for delivery of various necessary equipment and materials at school level.  In addition, arrangements will have to be made to ensure strict implementation of the circulars issued from time to time during the above vacation.  

Every headmaster / principal of the school is contacted during the vacation and is required to be present at the school level with the covid protocol for the delivery and installation work under ICT Lab and Virtual classroom project.

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