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Prasuti and pitrutva All Paripatra Report Form,

Prasuti and Pitrutva All GR Circular Paripatra From 2000 to 2021 and Raja Report Form Example Download in Word or PDF File. Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave Circular
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Mahila Prasuti Raja Paripatra and Report Form
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Educational Women Maternity Leave Circular and Educational Male Paternity Leave Circular

Pitrutva Raja Report pdf & Paripatra: Gujarat Karmchari Ne Pitrutva Raja Aapva Babat Paripatra through Education Department Aavel chhe.  Je Antargat 15 Divas Sudhi Pitrutva ni Raja Malva patra Thay chhe.

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Vidhyasahayak Mahila Prasuti Raja Paripatra and Vidhyasahayak Purush Pitrutva Raja Paripatra

The plan of recruitment of teaching assistants in the primary schools of district panchayats, authorized municipalities, corporations has been implemented by the resolution of the education department dated 11-8-16 mentioned in reference (2) in the above introduction.  Date of the education department mentioned in reference (2). 

From the letter dated 18-4-2000, female teaching assistants have been allowed to get two months unpaid leave for maternity purposes.  The issue of granting maternity leave to female educators in the same manner as a government employee was under consideration. 

At the end of the adult deliberation, the Government decides that subject to the provisions of the resolution of the Finance Department mentioned in context (1) and the amendments made to it from time to time, the female educators will have to approve the 5th maternity leave.  This resolution shall be implemented from the date of commencement of the resolution. 

The female students who are currently on maternity leave and are on unpaid leave as per the instruction of the letter mentioned here in reference (2) will also be given the benefit of this resolution within the limits of the leave due as per the resolution (1) of the finance department.

This resolution is in the same order of this department.  - Dispatch is done with the consent obtained from 10-2008


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