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DIKSHA App User Manual in Hindi, Gujarati and English | How To Use DIKSHA Online Web Application For Teachers and Students

DIKSHA App User Manual in Hindi, Gujarati and English | How To Use DIKSHA Online Web Application For Teachers and Students

DIKSHA App User Manual in Hindi, Gujarati and English | How To Use DIKSHA Online Web Application For Teachers and Students

Overview of Mobile Diksha App

Summary Details

  • Supported languages
  • Diksha mobile app update
  • Certified assessment
  • Operating system

You can download the DISSA mobile app to explore external functions and tasks. Use the mobile app to access content created and managed by your organization. Content is managed and stored in the DIXSA repository. You can access all the contents of the Library and Courses section in the Courses section of the application. You can view and edit your profile and change basic application settings like display language and data backup.

The Mobile Diksha app allows you to:

  • Use the application as a guest or anonymous user
  • Log in with the registered data access data
  • Or in flight mode or or online or offline
  • Find content from stores when you are online
  • Download content from the store when you're connected to the Internet
  • Device Find content downloaded to a mobile device while you're on the go
  • Scan QR codes or enter code from textbooks to access related content
  • Register for available courses
  • Take assigned courses
  • Download and review the certificate
  • Find and view resources from the content library
  • Create and update user profile
  • Share content with other users
  • View and rate content
  • Send notifications to all users or user groups
  • Import .ecar, .epar, .gsa and .edar files
  • Run content through third-party reading apps

Supported languages on Diksha App

The application supports the following languages:

  1. Indian
  2. English
  3. Assamese
  4. Bungalow
  5. Gujarati
  6. Kannada
  7. Science
  8. Urea
  9. Punjabi
  10. Tamil
  11. Telugu
  12. Urdu

Click here to learn more about how to change the language of the application.

Diksha mobile app update

If dicsa. If there is a newer version of the application, registered users can use DISSA. To make sure the app runs smoothly, the app will prompt you to update to the latest version.

  • Picture with instructions
  • Certified rated operating operating systems

You can use the DIKSHA app on devices running Android OS 5.0 and higher.

If you are not using the latest version of Android on your device, you will not be able to access some content in the application. In this mode, you can set the pedestrian walkway and view the content.

Step screen

1. A pop-up message will appear stating that your Android version is not supported. If you click on content less than 5.0, it will be inac accessed for Android devices

2. Tap Install Crosswalk from Play Store to access content

Note: Crosswalk is an open source web application. This application was installed on various Android versions to ensure compatibility in behavior and functions.


(free available everywhere)

Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing

Who made the initiation?

MHRD: Concept, Coordination

SCERT / Balbharti / LFE: E-Literature Production and Integration, Dissemination, Teacher Training, Feedback and Dispute Resolution

Step One: Technical Support Materials

Producer: 586 Teacher

What is Diksha currently used for?

To provide concept wise e-content on the components of the textbook for teachers, students and parents.

How is e-literature being made available?

By QR code printed in textbooks of all classes, all subjects, all mediums!

At present e-literature is available for 1/4th of the subjects in each subject. For example, if a book has 24 elements, then e-literature has been added for 6 elements at present. The rest of the e-literature will be added in the next 3 months.

Searching a website in Diksha App

What are the upcoming features of initiation?

  • Teacher-generated e-literature for all components. .
  • Online Certificate Course for Professional Development of Teachers
  • Schedule of upcoming workshops implemented by teachers
  • communication of new activities

What's different about initiation?

  • Total 16 e-literature creation
  • with workshops based on concepts like
  • Maharashtra is the first state in the country to produce e-literature.
  • Match the lives of children and teachers in Maharashtra.
  • To download Diksha App, first of all start playstore in mobile.
  • Type Diksha NCTE in the search box at the top.
  • +-Diksha National Teacher..

 instead of diksha giving us permission for diksha national toucher platform barren

National Anchor Platform Diksha - National TetherUp.

National Counselor Tanhartilita Himbiya Diksha Edutech Topilanki 1 Diksha Katlok Sumit 30 or Code Read 10 mmar. OR Code Scanner Antuitotli Diksha Public School

  • Click on INSTALL
  • After the INSTALL, three types of PERMISSIONS will appear.
  • Click on ALLOW.
  • Select your preferred language and then click on this tab.
  • Browse as guest.

You do not currently need to sign in to use all the features in the app.

  • If you are a teacher/guardian click here
  • Click here if you are a student

Choose the course, medium, class, subject you want This space is marked with a QR code.

By clicking on it you can scan the QR code in your Balbharti textbook. This homepage will be available after DIKSHA app Kurgut is installed

While scanning the QR code, hold your phone's camera over the QR code in the textbook.

Then do the following Download Confirm Downloading | Loading Play E-Lite | E-Lite has started Apart from scanning the QR code, you can also search E-Lite. To do this, click on this search icon and type in the class, topic or element you need

This is a choice filter. By clicking on it, you can find and use the e-content by filtering it in different ways like board, class, subject, medium, resource type. To change the language of the app, do the following Three Dot Settings Select the language and click on Next.

How to use Diksha App on Computer and Laptop?

Type in search box in GOOGLE CHROME browser, you can search for e-content by typing class, subject, component name as per your requirement as well as using filters can.

How to use e-literature effectively in the classroom?

Some important matters →

students age +1 minute attention span for example if students are 8 years old they can pay attention to you for 9 minutes in a row

How long should any video be shown continuously? Maximum 6 minutes. After that it is necessary to talk to the students. The watch and stop approach is called the watch and stop approach without showing the video in a row in the classroom, stopping it at certain important places and discussing it with the students.

When to stop the video?

Society to ask trustee questions and answers to understand difficult words after teaching new concepts

• Hon'ble for giving information outside the textbook. Everyone should avail your Diksha App launched by Education Minister and give your feedback at 31HPTA, Faglichte

Download Diksha App User Manual in Hindi

Download Diksha App User Manual in Gujarati