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Download Cash Calculator Credit Debit Book ( Jama Udhar )

Download Cash Calculator Credit Debit Book ( Jama Udhar )

Proud, Made in India

Why didn't we choose Cloud Backup? ✔

Our team does not and will never collect any information or data from your app and device, as your business and personal credit/debit information needs to be kept confidential and is limited to you only. So we are not providing cloud backup. But you can use the Send Backup option for Mail as a similar cloud backup, and send your app backup file to your own mail ID or save it as a draft.

If you want to change your mobile or reset your phone, and want to keep your old data backup, then follow these three easy steps.

1️⃣ Download the last backup file from your Gmail draft and rename it as CASH_CALCULATOR_INFO.DB (Only if the name of the backup file has changed after downloading.)

2️ Open the My Cash Counter folder in the internal storage, then open the backup folder, and then paste this backup file there.

3️ Now open the app and click on Restore Backup in the menu option. (Your app backup successfully restored)

Why didn't we choose Cloud Backup? ✔

Your personal and personal account information is required for your team. That's why we are better. But you can similarly use send as cloud backup mail option to backup, and send your app backup file to any other mail id or save as draft.

For small mobile phones, and will double your data with data.

1️ Browse from your Gmail Draft download and name it CASH_CALCULATOR_INFO.DB. (If after download, the name of this file became so short.)

2️ Information on My Cash counter in the internal register, in the backup file file, and so on.

3️ Now on the app and in the menu click Import Backup. (application is complete)

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Download Cash Calculator Credit Debit Book ( Jama Udhar )