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If you want to lose weight then eat a mug daily, it also helps in increasing immunity

Today we are going to talk about one such pod which is very useful for both healthy and sick, which we call mug. One gram of milk produces as much energy as 100 grams of mug. As much energy is obtained by eating ghee, the same amount of energy is obtained by eating mugs.

🍔 વિવિધ ભ્રામક જાહેરાતો થી ભરમાશો નહીં, વિવિધ એનર્જી ફૂડના નામે તમે તો નથી ખાતા ને કેમિકલ વાળા ફૂડ?

શરીરને પોષણ માટે તમારા ઘરમાં રહેલ  મગ છે અનેક ગુણોથી ભરપૂર, જાણીલો ફાયદા

If you want to lose weight then eat a mug daily, it also helps in increasing immunity

If you want to lose weight, then consume a mug daily, it also helps in boosting the immune system.

Mugs contain a variety of phytonutrients that are not only anti-inflammatory but also anti-microbial.

It is beneficial for people suffering from fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea

It is said that by eating a bowl of sprouted mug every morning, you never get sick. Also mugs are light and easy to digest and very few people know about it. The nutrients present in it are also beneficial for the body.

If you want to lose weight then eat a mug daily, it also helps in increasing immunity

helps in weight loss
The amount of fiber in the mug is high. Both fiber and protein help in weight loss and eliminate the problem of constipation.

In general, the food of the sick is mugged. Mugs are easy to digest but clean and nutritious like milk. Black mugs are very light to digest. German scientists experimented by placing all pulses, including mugs, in separate agricultural bins, heating them like water, and testing them. Then they also said that mug water is the best food for the sick.

good source of protein
Mug is an excellent source of protein for vegetarians. A 100-gram mug contains about 24 grams of protein and 60 percent amino acids.

It is considered incomplete in the non-traditional Arnav of Muga. If there is a blockage in the blood vessels, the consumption of mug is also very beneficial in heart disease. Diabetes is very beneficial in these highly contagious diseases if the pancreas is blocked in diabetes. Diabetic patients should regularly eat 80 to 100 grams of mug because the protein in the mug digests the carbohydrates. Obese people also need to be on the mug diet so that their weight starts decreasing. The water in the mug stimulates the stomach. The description of the mug being light and cold to digest corrects that. Calms ailment or pain above the scalp.

If you want to lose weight then eat a mug daily, it also helps in increasing immunity

Mug reduces inflammation. Mag Pitta fever is a diet in all types of fever, that is, only a mug can be eaten, by eating pomegranate seeds, gooseberry and water cooked thoroughly, it cures bile and flatulence. A mug that easily expels stool, releases diarrhea, which means a mug cures diarrhea. Eating moong dal is very beneficial for people suffering from cancer, so people suffering from cancer must consume mug. Mugs are very useful for piles, piles, fistulas. Airborne diseases of the brain remain calm. Headache is under control. Mug prevents premature ejaculation.

immune booster
Eat a mug every day as it helps in boosting the immune system and also protects against infections. Mugs contain a variety of phytonutrients that are not only anti-inflammatory but also anti-microbial. It helps fight harmful bacteria and viruses.

Maga is considered very sacred in all diseases. People who have low sperm count should eat mug and old rice to get rid of semen defect. Mug-rice is considered to be the best food till death along with all diseases. When the child goes to school, various mug dishes like extra mug, mug no chew, mug pada lapsi etc. must be given to the children in the food. Mugs are also very useful in healing.

There is thirst and burning in the mug. There is cerebral palsy, so it is given in confusion, fainting and fat diseases. If you want to lose weight, then you should drink a mug of boiled water for the first seven days without worrying about any weakness. By doing this experiment, it will be easy to lose weight. One glass of water should be drunk thrice a day. Nothing else to eat. Remember this, guys, I want to say one thing and another thing is that mugs are the perfect food. Salt, chilli and turmeric can be added while boiling the mug. This experiment is amazing. Lose two to three kilos in the first week. Raw food is digested from the mug and the swelling caused by it also reduces.

If you want to lose weight then eat a mug daily, it also helps in increasing immunity

easy to digest
Some beans and lentils can cause gas and bloating in Amul people, but mugs are easy to digest. It grows well by soaking it in water before cooking and can be eaten after germination. Mug has anti-aging properties that help reduce wrinkles.

How many times does a mug eater talk about a mug that doesn't let air? This causes pain in the stomach. Weakness ensues. There is no vip. Adding lemon and singhav salt while boiling the mug may have the effect of flatulence while stirring, but such patients will not get flattened by adding asafoetida, coriander, garlic, coriander etc. to the mug. Everything else will cure flatulence. There is no weakness in the mug. Eating a mug does not make you tired at all. Mugs are very tonic i.e. 100 grams of gum contains as much energy as one liter of milk. Eating the same amount of ghee gives energy. Eating the same amount of mug gives energy. Consumption of mug and amla is beneficial.

The mug maintains the eyesight. If goats or cows are fed green mugs and green leaves of mugwort, as well as dried mugwort, then drinking their milk after feeding has been found to be beneficial. In the fifth or sixth month after the birth of the child, the first feeding should be started with a mug of water and most women have been seen giving a mug of water and a mug of water to their baby. Giving mug's osmanthus to the child helps in passing out the bound or blocked stools.

beneficial in diseases
It lowers cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Mugs help keep the arteries clear and improve blood circulation. It is a panacea for diseases like fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Eating mugs reduces the chances of the child getting sick or not at all. Eating mugs makes the child brighter and more intelligent, hence the saying that "mug brings the feet" mug relieves swelling. Mug sheds fat. Maga is useful in curing stomach ailments. Friends, as I talked to you today, there are benefits of eating less mugs. Mug should always be eaten. The patient's food is mug. The food of such healthy persons is also a mug. By eating mug, our bones also remain strong, due to which there is no pain at all in hands, feet or knees for a long time. Friends we have talked a lot about mugs, if you like them, share them with your friends.