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TATA #TigorEV | India's first electric car

#TigorEV | India's first electric car manufactured by Tata Motors.

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Tata Tiago EV Car Success Or Flop?

This question is usually in everyone's mind right now.. Because whenever we are thinking of getting a new car, we already know 90% of the information about the car.
As if ..
the profit
fuel type
test drive
Tigor EV Review

We get all kinds of information first. And secondly it takes time for people to adopt innovative technology, it is a human tendency.

What is the purpose of the company behind making this car? And how successful will it be? Nothing special can be said about it right now.

As before, the cheapest car Tata Nano was made by Tata Motors. In view of this, nothing special can be said about the TATA TigorEV.

It does not mean that Tata Motors does not make good quality cars, they have made a lot of high quality and good quality cars.



Check All Futures

fast charging

When you see your #TigorEV charge 0%-80% faster in about an hour, find out what this Ziptron technology is doing for you and how much

First developed in the era of electric cars
Unlimited freedom awaits you with a car that makes safety a priority. Tossing a car filled with this technology can only mean one thing - you're ready for a peak drive performance.

Sleek LED DRL Design
Turn up with a bold LED DRL that gives an eye-catching look to the Tigor EV

How many miles to drive?
Fully powered by electric power. Embrace the electric era with an electric sedan that delivers a sophisticated drive experience.

charging options
Electrify your drive with one easy step and get an easy charging option

Fast Charge: 
(CCS 2) 0% to 80% will be charged in just 65 minutes

charging point
(any 15 amp plug point) 0% to 80% 8 hours 45 mins. will charge

Easy Ownership: 
The Largest EV Service Infrastructure Designed

Over-the-air software update for telematics unit

Safe travel: 
India's safest electric sedan launched with 4-star GNCAP rating

IP67 certified battery, motor and power electronics components

As per AIS 048 (Nail Penetration), global standard for crush test, overcharge protection, shock protection, short circuit protection, safety and reliability

durable and reliable
8 years / 1.6 lakh km * battery and motor warranty will also be available.

Built on Ziptron EV platform, which has been driven and proven over 35 million^km in various Indian conditions.

high level of connectivity
Tata Motors ZConnect App powered by IRA offers only with 30+ connected car features

salient feature
Key features include remote command, vehicle health monitoring, safety and security, driving and travel analysis, and location-based services.

Seamless Charging Experience
Free home charging installation* is also provided

24x7 emergency charging support (in 5 cities)

This facility will be provided in the five largest cities of India.
1. Delhi
2. Mumbai
3. Kolkata
4. Chennai
5. Surat

^ Please refer to the Terms and Conditions section for full details


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