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Along With The God's: An epic journey, a one of a kind RPG: Along with the Gods

An epic journey, a one of a kind RPG: Along with the Gods

Earn real rewards in a Play & Earn game that rewards you for taking complete control of your gaming destiny.

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક્સ

Action RPGs are about your choices. Along With The Gods: Knights of the Dawn gives your choices real meaning. This bold Play & Earn, Action RPG game rewards players with the chance to win major Web3 rewards you can trade anywhere.

Build up a legendary roster of 150 Heroes using 5 unique character classes; embark on new game modes to level up your team; and compete against the best of the best to win big. That’s where things get interesting:

You don’t just win glory with every victory; the stronger your team, the more rewards you can earn. Compete weekly in massive PvP tournaments to win massive rewards & NFTs.

Or trade your Heroes and Collectibles on the PlayDapp Marketplace—they’re 100% player-owned NFTs that you can trade for real prizes.

In Along With The Gods: Knights of the Dawn, your choices matter. Here are the opportunities your choices will bring you when you play:
·      Full ownership of your Heroes and Collectibles as NFTs
·      Dozens of unique in-game items to customize your Hero’s power
·      Play game modes like Arena, Rune Craft, Boss Raid, and more
·      Earn premium prizes by winning tournaments or trading your NFTs
·      Build a roster of powerful heroes and dominate your opponents

What's New

- End of the 2nd Season server and Start of the 3rd Season server
- Multi-homing 4.0 applied
- Daily mission added
- End of scroll selling
- End of Season pass selling
- End of limited time Package selling
- New item added
- In-game reward changes
- Changes of Honor Rewards
- Temple of Heroes mileage reward changes
- Changed the list of heroes acquired when synthesizing heroes
- Changes of Hero Combination List
- Applied the upper limit of specific Capability
- Improvements and Fixed bug