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National Digital Library @ IIT Kharagpur for students for 4 crore 6O lakh books

IIT Kharagpur has created National Digital Library for students for all subjects.  Below is the link :



It contains 4 crore 6O lakh books.  Please share this information as much as possible for students to know & avail of this priceless facility for academic knowledge.

National Digital Library of India

For Institutional Registration of NDLI and to get the NDLI Institutional Registration No., the institute (School, College, Institute and University) needs to set up an NDLI-Club in the institute through the NDLI-Club portal (

NDLI-Club is a platform for conducting learning-oriented events, both online (both local as well as involving many other institutes) and offline, for students of an institute using contents of NDLI (and others as well) and engaging experts (of the institute as well as external) to deliver talks or conduct sessions. Examples of online events are webinars by experts on specific topics or on examination preparation strategy. Examples of offline events are quiz sessions or debate competitions. The benefit is to facilitate learning among students through activities. Online events can be conducted through the NDLI-Club platform itself without need of any other service.

Once an institute gets registered in the NDLI-Club portal ( and makes its students members of the NDLI-Club, the institute gets a Registration No. which will be visible in the NDLI-Club portal ( And once the institute conducts events in its NDLI-Club, it gets Institutional Registration Certificate and students get Event Participation Certificate.

Please follow these steps for setting up NDLI-Club at your institute.

Please look at the FAQ if you have any query.