#1 Gujarati Calendar : ✒️ તહેવારોનુ લીસ્ટ ✒️ લગ્નના મુહુર્ત ✒️ વર્ષની એકાદશી ✒️ વર્ષના ગ્રહણ ; એક જ પેજમાં 2024 ના વર્ષની તમામ માહિતી મળી જશે

╭══════ ✥.❖.✥ ══════╮

એક જ પેજ માં ૨૦૨૪ ના વર્ષની તમામ માહિતી
           ✒️ તહેવારોનુ લીસ્ટ
           ✒️ લગ્નના મુહુર્ત
           ✒️ વર્ષની એકાદશી
            ✒️ વર્ષના ગ્રહણ
          ખુબ જ ઉપયોગી માહીતી
╰══════ ✥.❖.✥ ══════╯


The ultimate digital solution for life-saving skill instruction and training.

The all-new QCPR app has been redesigned from the ground up to seamlessly provide CPR instructors and learners with our gold standard QCPR technology feedback. With support for connecting 6 manikins, including Little Anne QCPR, Little Junior QCPR, Little Baby QCPR, Resusci Anne QCPR, Resusci Junior QCPR and Resusci Baby QCPR, you can get the feedback you need on the devices you prefer.  

Some of the new features for instructors: up to date clear global resuscitation guideline support, in-depth performance reports for great debriefing post sessions, learner naming and arrangement with manikin support, a redesigned CPR game to support promoting the best quality performance over speed, and support for choking baby learning objectives for Little Baby QCPR.  

Whether you're a healthcare professional, student, or instructor, the QCPR app makes it easy to train and improve your basic life-saving skills. With real-time analysis of compression depth, rate, recoil, and ventilation volume, you can fine-tune your technique and become a better CPR provider. 

Download the QCPR app today and receive access to high-quality CPR training and learning experiences.  

Languages currently supported by the QCPR all include English (Default), German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, and Polish.