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Improve Reading & Math Skills With our Fun and Educational Reading App for Kids

Improve reading & math skills with our fun and educational reading app for kids

Welcome to Books for Kids Reading & Math - an app that puts your child's interests first! Our app offers a range of interactive and educational activities that cater to the interests of children, making learning fun and engaging. From exciting reading games and quizzes to math challenges and puzzles, we have everything your child needs to develop their literacy, math, and critical thinking skills. Our personalized recommendations and adaptive learning algorithms ensure that children are reading and learning at the appropriate level for their skill set, helping them progress at their own pace.

Our app features a wide range of engaging and interactive games that make learning fun for kids of all ages. From alphabet recognition to more advanced reading comprehension, our app provides a comprehensive educational experience for kids. Each game is designed to be both educational and entertaining, so your child will have a blast while they learn. We understand that every child is unique, which is why we offer a variety of games and activities to suit different learning styles and interests.

Parents looking for an easy and effective way to help their kids learn to read need look no further than our app. Whether your child is just starting to learn the alphabet or they're already familiar with the basics, our app has something for everyone. With fun and interactive reading games and activities, your child will be able to build their reading skills and confidence in no time. Give your child the gift of learning with Books for Kids Reading & Math.

So, if you're looking for a fun and educational app that will help your child learn how to read, look no further than our kids reading games app! Your child will love the interactive and engaging games, and you'll love the results you see in their reading abilities. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

Our adaptive learning algorithms and personalized recommendations ensure that kids read books at the right level and build their skills at their own pace. Whether your child is just starting to learn to read books or is an avid book reader looking for new challenges, Books for Kids Reading & Math has something for everyone. Try it out today and watch your child's reading skills soar! 📘📙

Books for Kids Reading & Math is an innovative educational app that helps children improve their literacy and math skills through interactive games and a vast library of children's books. 📖📗

Books for Kids Reading & Math:

✅ Our app features a wide selection of books in various genres and reading levels, designed to challenge and engage children as they progress in their reading abilities.

✅ Our adaptive learning algorithms and personalized recommendations ensure that children are reading at the appropriate level and building their skills at their own pace.

✅ The app is designed to make reading and learning math fun and engaging for kids, with a variety of interactive games, puzzles and activities.

✅ Our library includes a diverse range of children's books, from classic tales to fun stories about animals and math concepts, there's something for every child.

✅ Whether your child is just starting to learn to read or is an avid reader looking for new challenges, "Books for Kids Reading & Math" has something for everyone.

✅ With this app, you can support your child's learning and development and provide them with a safe and engaging environment to learn and grow.

We believe in making fun learning games for kids, that's why we recommend starting from pre-k (preschool) and then working towards 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade. You also have the option to select random words from all grades. With "Books for Kids Reading & Math" your child can learn to read and master their reading skills using these fun, colorful, and interactive reading games.

Kids story books for children. Baby reading books with audio for pre-k toddlers

The “Little Stories” series present bedtime fairy tales for children, in which kid plays the main part. It’s quite simple – just enter kid’s name and gender in the settings window and enjoy reading personalised books. This is free short story books for children and toddlers with audio. 

To make it even cooler, we've added beautiful melodies and wonderful pictures to give only positive examples. This is really fun for 1st grade reading. Just like good old books on tape. In our bookshelf you can find a lot of chapter books which will help you go to sleep.

🌙 These stories for beginner reading kids have a positive impact on the development. It is better to use this app before the bed. Even though female and male versions of the fairy tales have the same plot, there are some differences between the texts. This has an educational goal in view making right accents in rearing depending on a child’s gender.

You can voiceover moral stories and then play the read to me feature. This will help you learn to read. You can also ask this app read aloud story to you. So what are you waiting for? Download this reading app for free.

☀️ Our great illustrated story books give you an opportunity to become a hero who can solve various problems and make right deeds. Baby are excited with our fairy tales! Don’t be surprised when you want to read these free kindergarten story books for kids over and over again.

👍 In our turn, we do our best to make the reading books for kids as great as possible. All illustrations are in the best possible quality; the melodies are calm and beautiful, the plots of the stories are kind and educative. The reading books for children are quite short to make it easy to listen till the end of the story, which is rather important. Our bedtime story books for kids are very interesting as they narrate about animals, insects, princes and princesses, etc. They teach love, respect, kindness, self-confidence. After having the book downloaded, you will need no online connection, so you can enjoy your storytime with every entertainment book.

💯 We spend hundreds of working hours on each interactive story book, only because we love children. We dream of growing a healthy and genial generation of kids, therefore we do our best to make some of our bedtime reading books for kids available for free. However, a good deal of success depends on your support. We work for the youngest pioneers to help them change life on Earth for better in the future. We strongly believe that childhood memories of children will be very vivid with our entertainment book.

❤️ Let love and kindness fill your family leisure time to make your life and the world around happier with our digital books. Read the book or listen to an audio books no matter who you are - toddler or a preschool kid.

🔸 Why “Little Stories”? 🔸

• 2500+ pictures and great chapter books

• Gender determines the choice of illustrations

• 60+ exciting fairy tales so far and more to come

• Enchanting music accompanies each story

• You can create audiobooks by recording your own voice!

🔹 Fairy tales: 🔹

• A Monkey Manners Tale (FREE)

• The Brave Eaglet (FREE)

• The Magic Christmas Tree (FREE)

• A Secret in the Night

• The Sea Lily

• Brighter Than A Star

• Who Is the First?

• The Fruit Kingdom

• The Little Nail’s Adventures

• How To Reach A Star

• A Curious Mouse

• The Union of Three Planets

• True Friendship

• A Stegosaur Story

• A Guest on the Farm

• My Friend the Dolphin

• Tlouble

• Not Like Everyone Else

• Rose-Colored Glasses

• Hello Puddle!

• I Can Do It!

• How to Follow Your Dream

• And many more

📙 Our stock of fairy tales is continuously replenished.