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5 Varsh Sudhi Badli na Thava na Niyamo ma Thashe Ferfar
It is still possible to complete the entire exercise.  
Signs to remove elementary school teacher replacement restrictions  'Fixed wage holders' restrictions on working in one place for five years were removed

After the cancellation of the old provision, restrictions on the transfer of education assistant, including Bhavnagar, appointed by the Vidya Sahayak (fixed payee), may be removed after circular of various departments.  How long will it take to implement the entire removal process?  That has been questioned.  On the other hand, sources in Bhavnagar are considering to remove the transfer restrictions, sources said.  Of course no official confirmation has been found.  According to well-known sources in the education department, the government has removed the restrictions on employing a contractually-employed (fixed-wage) employee for five years in one place.  After the circular of the government launched, the government has to annul the old provisions of the various departments on the transfer and cancellation of the rules.  After the announcement of the circular,
 the chief officer of various departments has to make a circular regarding the removal of the restrictions on his department's contract, based on fixed wage workers, for five years in one place.  However, no circular has been made by the chief officer yet.  After the circular, the rules for postponing the replacement rules may be implemented for fixed payday holders.  However, how long will it take to cross this whole exercise?  ?  When will the process be completed?  That is the question.  

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