NTSE Exam Papers 2019: Download NTSE Exam Papers Date 3-11-2019

NTSE Exam Papers 2019: Download NTSE Exam Papers Date 3-11-2019

Exam Date : 03-11-2019
Content : ntse exam question papers

When all the countrymen work hard for the progress of the country, it is not a day when this concept of mine will come true. And I will proudly say that this is "the new India of my imagination."

NTSE Exam Question paper 2019
Every prudent citizen has a different view of his country. They fantasize about their country or what their country should be like, what kind of social system should they have ?, how should people honor their traditions and old ideas ?, how to solve current problems ?, thousands of such fantasies. Are happening in the mind.

  The country that has its whales and the patriotism it has, the more its selfishness becomes normal and the progress of the country is at its highest. When the country is ahead of its own interests, the development of the country, the future of the country starts automatically. I too have some ideas for my country. Although nation building is a daunting task, nothing is impossible. The power of a European nation and a small country like Japan to become financially powerful in the world proves that if every person of the country works hard for any goal, the present and future of that country are both changed.

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  Problems are common to all, but the vision of seeing and eliminating those problems is different. And regrettably, India's biggest problem is the neglect of workforce and duty. We are willing to preach to others but also treat ourselves the opposite. The soul of India is still alive. But people are halfway. The new India of my imagination should be progressive. Such careless and careless people should not have a place here.

  During the War of Independence, Gandhi repeatedly said to the people that without true loyalty to your work and loyalty to duty, India could never truly be liberated. Even so, our habit of “teaching is for hearing only” does not improve.


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