HTAT Mahekam Manjur karva babat Letest Paripatra, Date-29-11-2019 | HTAT Mahekam paripatra

HTAT Mahekam Manjur karva  babat Letest Paripatra, Date-29-11-2019 | HTAT Mahekam paripatra

HTAT Mahekam paripatra : 31-08-2019 ni Sthitie Mukhya shixak (HTAT) Mahekam Manjur karva babat Prathmik Shikshan Niyamak no paripatra. 

The Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 has been implemented by the State Government since 2012. The Act provides for the provision of Head Teacher (HTAT) in primary schools. District / town education committee in the primary schools of Std. If the number of students is more or less, then the head teacher (HTAT) has to be approved.

HTAT Mahekam paripatra
HTAT Mahekam paripatra

HTAT New Mahekam Register For All District in Gujarat Primary Schools

District Panchayat Education Committee / Town Education Committees from all the District / Town Education Committees for allotment of District / Municipal Council of Head Teacher Establishment against the head teachers as per the provisions of the Act. Details of the Head Teachers available by calculating the number of students enrolled as on 31st / 08/2019 were obtained by letter of reference - 2. Regarding the information submitted by you, for the District / Town Education Committee for the year 2019-20 as follows: In the case of 31/08/2013, all major teacher posts are approved in accordance with the allotment as given in column-1 against the name of that district / town.


(I) Each district. In the case of 31/08/2019, allotment will be made to the Taluka Education Inspector by allotting the Talukbar of the approved Head Teacher Establishment and the order of the Head Teacher Establishment sanctioned against the Head Teacher who is eligible to meet that school-wise.

(2) Head teachers approved by the state government (HTAT places have been allotted school-wise list to the respective district / town education committees by this office since 2012. All those listings have to be counted.

(3) The District / Town Education Committees. The total number of vacancies is increased from 31/08/2019 to 592 for District Education Committee and 517 for the Town Education Committee. The concerned district / town education committee will have to cancel these additional places as soon as they are vacant or for other reasons. No new appointment can be made at such a place.

(4) Education Department The change of rules for the Head Teacher (HTAT) has been made with the resolution of 9/3/6, so that all subsequent changes have to be taken into account.

(5) For the purpose of correspondence with the State Government and for all purposes. In the case of 31/08/2019 the Head Teacher will have to be considered as above.

(6) The Head Teacher sanctioned by this order will continue until the office is reallocated or the allotted places returned.

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HTAT Mahekam Manjur karva  babat Letest Paripatra, Date-29-11-2019 | HTAT Mahekam paripatra
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