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Nava Bharat ni Mari Kalpana Gujarati Nibandh (Essay) pdf by RDRATHOD

Nava Bharat ni Mari Kalpana Gujarati Nibandh (Essay) pdf
Nava Bharat ni Mari Kalpana Gujarati Nibandh (Essay) pdf by RDRATHOD

My concept of a new India

   India of my imagination ... An India where everyone is proud that "I am Indian" is the new India of my imagination ... where poverty has no name or mark. Everywhere there is greenery, happiness, clean environment and beautiful nature, all get employment, villages have clean water - electricity - schools and hospitals. My imagination is a new India, where corruption, chaos and racism - the wars of communism are nowhere, there are no roads, no crowds everywhere with increasing population, where people have to go abroad to fulfill their dreams and where the words of terrorism exist. Not Possible. This is the new India of my imagination .....

   Yes ... even with my eyes closed for five minutes, I think I have a different feeling even with closed eyes. So if I look at my own India, I probably want to change the situation in my whole India whenever it is my own. Even if this is an exaggeration .. But, I want to see a new India of my imagination

Nava Bharat ni Mari Kalpana Gujarati Nibandh
Nava Bharat ni Mari Kalpana Gujarati Nibandh

  I imagine that everyone in India is educated and this is possible only when education is properly disseminated and disseminated. There will be adequate education, facilities and adequate means of education. Only when the awareness and enthusiasm for education will arise among the people of the village, the country will move towards development. At the same time, it is important to be aware that racism-communism wars should be banned. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians all live in harmony and all have a brotherly spirit. As we move towards development, pollution is increasing, to widen roads where trees are being cut down, the environment is being badly affected. The heat is increasing in the heat days and cool in the cold days. As the rising demographics, it is very important to eliminate unemployment.

  I have seen such a beautiful India in my imaginations, but I still have a long time to realize these ideas. Looks like my fantasies will come true or not? Whatever my fantasies are, they are not mere fantasies. Wherever we look today, the only problems are the problems, which one sees only for their own selfishness. Leaders are starting to earn Rs. If the leaders of India work honestly and get rid of such corrupt leaders, many problems will be eliminated automatically.

  When all the countrymen work hard for the progress of the country, it is not a day when this concept of mine will come true. And I will proudly say that this is "the new India of my imagination."

Every prudent citizen has a different view of his country. They fantasize about their country or what their country should be like, what kind of social system should they have ?, how should people honor their traditions and old ideas ?, how to solve current problems ?, thousands of such fantasies. Are happening in the mind.

  The country that has its whales and the patriotism it has, the more its selfishness becomes normal and the progress of the country is at its highest. When the country is ahead of its own interests, the development of the country, the future of the country starts automatically. I too have some ideas for my country. Although nation building is a daunting task, nothing is impossible. The power of a European nation and a small country like Japan to become financially powerful in the world proves that if every person of the country works hard for any goal, the present and future of that country are both changed.

  Problems are common to all, but the vision of seeing and eliminating those problems is different. And regrettably, India's biggest problem is the neglect of workforce and duty. We are willing to preach to others but also treat ourselves the opposite. The soul of India is still alive. But people are halfway. The new India of my imagination should be progressive. Such careless and careless people should not have a place here.

  During the War of Independence, Gandhi repeatedly said to the people that without true loyalty to your work and loyalty to duty, India could never truly be liberated. Even so, our habit of “teaching is for hearing only” does not improve.

 In this country monks and saints are given a lot of respect, people are blind worshiping but nobody sees the duty of the economy. Farmers and laborers who do not think to do their own blood water are given little respect. They cannot even satisfy their hunger. The merchants, farmers and laborers can all be happy in what I envisioned as my new India.

  India has all the strength to be a great nation. For this, every citizen has to accept his personal responsibility. It should be linked to development with the proper use of human resources and and natural resources. Till date of independence only the development of cities has been focused. But welfare of India is not possible as long as the villages are neglected.

  If we look at China, our neighboring country, it seems that it is far ahead of us even though it is not a democratic country. In our country, the poor and the rich are facing these two major obstacles. Which doesn't allow us to move on. Our democracy has been unable to overcome these barriers due to lack of vision. From the officer to the leased, the government system is just full of corruption. Even the smallest questions of the people do not go away because every vessel is working in the spirit of self-interest.

  This inspiring phrase from 'Where all good Hindus ours' comes true so that we can all be proud. The fact that India is sometimes a world guru, but what we are today, where we stand in the world today, is equally important. Our heritage may make us proud, but to maintain that glory, we must work hard. Only by doing fantasies can India become new.

The independence of the country is not just under the rule of anybody. The real freedom of the country is at the disposal of this mental narrowing. There are many religions here. The secular country is really so deep that people here do not have enough knowledge of their own religion, but it is back to the religion of others. Disposal of this is the new India of my imagination. Here the rules are also in a financial position. Such is the standard of the "light-blooded man." It is painful to believe that people rise above justice. Equal justice and one law, this is the new India of my imagination ..!

   We are seizing one of the customs of the old one. Don't know, but people don't even get tired and give up. We have made it too dull and inactive by being too stressed and bored in education. How can India be in the next 50 years instead of being stuck in how many bags Babar had just two years ago? I feel the need to learn more. The advent of books with more books on Knowledge is the new India of my imagination.

   For many years, employees who are tired of pensions do not start pensions and pay salaries are increasing, but when it comes to work, people should get paid according to the amount of work they do. Unnecessary features should be turned off. The pride of being an Indian in the eyes of any poor is sparked .. That is the new India of my imagination ..

   Even today, when I see my Beno fasting in this condition, when is the time to wear shoes or jeans and move around the house comfortably? I wear short clothes against small children. For the next fifteen years, my son has no open mind, bare feet, and no disorder. This is the new India of my imagination, my country is a country of miracles. There must be a miracle here. And in a clean, beautiful, clean, educated, and prosperous India world, that is .. the new India of my imagination ..

   Imagine looking good ..! When imagining for my country ... it would be a pity to think.
   The first idea of ​​a country without corruption is ...
   Unemployment and poverty are second to none ...
   India is number 3 in the world to become the third ...

   These are just common ideas. Apart from this, people's thinking is somewhat better in the country today but the discrimination of the high-ups is still to some extent in the minds of the people. The high and the low. This misery thinks of this and this tribulation is like this ... It must be in the minds of many real people. It should be removed. Man should be all the same. On the other hand, people's thoughts are still strange for women and for men. The importance of a man more than a woman is something strange. This is the new India of my imagination.

   Today, if any facility is available in any government department, it creates false documents of any kind to ensure that facility is available. Doing so deprives those in need and benefits those who are capable. That cost me a lot.

   What to make in Ayodhya ..? A temple or a mosque? Thoughts and ideas have been going on for many years, but nobody thinks of building a hospital "Ram Rahim" there. Politics has become so dirty that no child wants to be a leader. This dream is about to be removed, India of my dreams .. Instead of finding out where the people are in dispute, it is just like thinking about where development takes place.

   Half a year ago, half a night ago, the country was liberated.
   I see in my imagination a school or a government field. - Red Fort appears. - My army is parading. - My national anthem is heard. I see in my imagination that at 5am in the morning, young children, people who have been in agitation for their comms years ago, business friends, employees of railways or bank strikes, all citizens of the country, and the great officers who attend their duty understand. Playing the national anthem - flag beats. And have considered themselves Indian.

   I see that there is no 3 year old kid at 5:30 who sells my flag for Rs. 3-4 or that there is no one who takes half a glass of bargain bargaining to get it. "Wow my imagination is a new India"

   Going a little further from there, it appears that around 4-7pm on four lanes without traffic, the police stationed vehicles without horns on line-closed vehicles and drivers wearing seat belts-helmets ... on public picnics with family even on public holidays. No - instead of waiting for dinner to be served at the restaurant, all the restaurants are empty and at night, even the nirbhaya can move freely without fear.

On the morning of the 7th of August, ordinary citizens did not look up to the throes of government offices, or my national flag would crumble under the wheels of cars. I see that people have adopted the tricolor with this color rather than the separation of saffron-saffron or green. My countrymen do not recognize Sardar as just a bandit or Bhimarao Dalits are limited to my countrymen. Communism and selfishness have become my past.

   Today, like India, my country is an integral part of India and my soldiers do not have to wake up day and night at the border of the country. In my parliament every politician united has a vote to punish the traitors and terrorists of the country. Unemployment or poverty in the youth of my country does not stop me from compelling people from other countries to come to India. My intellect or ability does not have to go out. The people of India have the number one road and road technology. The freedom that was gained 5 years ago is what today's young people are

   My country is a developed technocrat country rather than a country of madari - priests or temples. Because of this, India is number one in the world. That is why I can sleep peacefully on the 8th of August as my citizen of a quiet and clean India is fully aware of his duty and is proud and proud of being an Indian.

-> I meet people, employees, leaders and I can trust them without any doubt.
-> Feel safe instead of fearing the police around
-> No nose should be placed horizontally across the road.
-> Anyone who has a government job knows the procedure and gets the job done.
-> The media debuts the country in a positive way.
-> Clean drinking water, air and food.
-> Even if things like material happiness are expensive, the basic necessities are cheap and the bus is finally fun to live in.
-> Education is compulsory and accessible to all, children get true and socially useful education.
-> Have hygiene. (Both the government and the public)
-> Media should act responsibly in the interest of the nation.
-> Person who practices any religion personally, is the only Indian in public life ..
-> All caste-religions tend to collaborate without accepting each other, without discrimination, rather than appearing superior to each other.
-> The law is the same for all without any hassle.
-> Citizen Charter law applies to all service departments. (The procedure and time limit for the work are disclosed)
-> The public's purchasing power increases or the necessities of life become cheaper.
-> The Ganges and Godavari should be connected to the water grid (which Sardar Patel dreamed of) so that both water shortage and flood problem could be resolved.
-> More about the golden future than golden history ...

   ... I swear by my efforts to create this India, where education really means education and education, and education is free from the brunt of unimaginable politics ....! Where the mind and the road are so clean that there is no need for a 'Swachh Bharat' campaign. Where the name of the house is instead of 'maternal / paternal kindness' or stay with the parents in the parallel house .. their grace will be automatically rained on .. where the one who does not get cooperation at the same time, does not have tantalizing stretches. .! And last ... a nation where man doesn't have to say, "Brother, you are a man ... !!

..... This is just the "New India of my imagination"

                                     @ RDRATHOD
   Friends ... During Diwali Vacation I was given the essay "My Imagination's New India" in homework in secondary schools. I'm writing this essay specifically for him. Which will be useful to you.
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