Preparation to take education to the next level with a new semester

Preparation to take education to the next level with a new semester

Education department prepares to take education to next level with new semester
 A tablet will be provided in schools.
 ➖ Facial Registration of Teachers and Children Enhances Online Presence ...
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Gujarat Education Department is making new changes in education to improve the level of education. The Education Department is preparing to integrate education with online operations throughout the process. In addition to the teachers 'training online, teachers' salaries and complete information about schools are also being made online.

The government will prioritize and promote mother tongue education.

Minister for Human Resources and Development Ramesh Pokhariya said on Sunday that the government is going to implement a new education policy on December 25, with many changes and reforms. For the implementation of this new education policy, the birth anniversary of our country's former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has been chosen.

It is also stated that the implementation of this new education policy will improve education. And education can be made better quality.

pratibbashali shixak pramanpatra : - Issue of "Talent Teacher Certificate" to Primary Teacher / Head Teacher.  Reference: - Offices of this office Circular 

According to the above mentioned subject and reference, the Department of Education  As per the criteria outlined in the resolution dated 9/1/9, selected talented teacher, for the ancillary procedure for granting the talented teacher certification to the primary teacher / head teacher, was instructed by the circular dated 9/3/9 of this office.  Considering the overall points of computation, selection by the taluka committee as per the criteria outlined in the resolution.  Curry

List of Talented Teacher Names sent to the District Primary Education Officer, District Primary Education Officer dated 9/9/5, in the Regular Sheet Excel sheet in the prescribed form, the office of the Director of Primary Education, shall be forwarded to the teacher of Gandhinagar.  The action can be taken within the stipulated timeframe.

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