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NISHTHA Talim Phase-3 : Trijo Tabakka ni Talim Babat no Paripatra

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નિષ્ઠા શિક્ષક તાલીમમાં બાકી રહેલ શિક્ષકોને અંતિમ તબક્કામાં જોડવા બાબતનો પરિપત્ર 10-02-2021

બાકી શિક્ષકોને ફરજિયાત જોડાવાનું છે. આપના જિલ્લા માં કોઈ પણ શિક્ષક નિષ્ઠા તાલીમ લેવામાં બાકી ના રહે તે ખાસ કાળજી રાખવી.

🔹15-02-2021 થી 28-02-2021 દરમ્યાન તાલીમ લેવાની રહેશે


 NISHTHA Talim Paripatra: Education in India has come a long way and students from

Training Circular for Primary Teachers.

The second and third phase of fidelity training to primary school teachers.
 Today's Circular

According to the above subject, the second and third phases of fiduciary teacher training to be held during the years 1 - 3 are to be held from 1st to 3rd November and 1st to 5th December - 2nd respectively.  Prior to this training, the information of the teachers who have been trained on the Nishtha Portal is to be uploaded by November 2.  R .  C.  Co.

  The coordinator is asked to send.  So before training.  I.  S.  The list of teachers present in the training can be prepared as well.  R .  C.  Co.  Block by District - District Am.  I.  S.  Sattar S. Prepared the list in the prescribed format through  S.  a .  Send it to Gandhinagar.  Immediate reporting of the numerical details of teachers of both phases to upload this information b.  R .  C.  Co.  This is how the coordinator is instructed to do.  Instructions for training for both phases:

The purpose of this module is to help teachers and instructors like us understand and explain the variations in the classroom and to think for pedagogy.  Which are most useful for making our classrooms and education inclusive.  The suggestions here are linked to experience.  Meeting the various learning needs found in one category will help to develop an inclusive learning environment.  The curriculum provides access to a very thorough look at NCF, especially the content, textbooks, national education policy, outlines of the national curriculum profile, and especially to the NCF.

NCF - 2005 and is currently working to establish relationships with applied learning outcomes, curriculum expectations and academic classrooms / situations.  IMPORTANT NOTE: The KRP, attached to the instructors and the training, is expected to engage the trainees during training and engage in training and participation in the training.  India is a multicultural society made up of many regional and local cultures, people's religious beliefs, lifestyle and understanding of their social relations are different.  All communities have the same right to co-exist and evolve and the education system has to collectively help preserve this cultural heritage.  General Chat Chat Lounge  General Chat Chat Lounge

NISHTHA Talim Module : Download

Click here to download NISHTHA fase 3 Talim Paripatra

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