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FLN NISHTHA 3.0 Talim Aheval Download PDF or Word

NISHTHA 3.0 Talim (FLN Training) Aheval File Download in PDF or Word File | Module 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9, 10, 11 ,12 All Answers Videos and All Module Aheval File PDF Download Here

NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Aheval File Download

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NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Answers PDF File Download

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NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Course All Module Links

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  • NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Module -1 Link, Answers and Aheval File
  • NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Module -2 Link, Answers and Aheval File
  • NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Module -3 Link, Answers and Aheval File
  • NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Module -4 Link, Answers and Aheval File
  • NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Module -5 Link, Answers and Aheval File
  • NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Module -6 Link, Answers and Aheval File
  • NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Module -7 Link, Answers and Aheval File
  • NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Module -8 Link, Answers and Aheval File
  • NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Module -9 Link, Answers and Aheval File
  • NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Module -10 Link, Answers and Aheval File
  • NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Module -11 Link, Answers and Aheval File
  • NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Module -12 Link, Answers and Aheval File

Download NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Talim Aheval

Module -1 Aheval : Download
Module -2 Aheval : Download
Module -3 Aheval : Download
Module -4 Aheval : Download
Module -5 Aheval : Download
Module -6 Aheval : Download

NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Talim Answers

Module -1 Answers : Click Here
Module -2 Answers : Click Here
Module -3 Answers : Click Here
Module -4 Answers : Click Here
Module -5 Answers : Click Here
Module -6 Answers : Click Here
Module -7 Answers : Click Here
Module -8 Answers : Click Here
Module -9 Answers : Click Here
Module -10 Answers : Click Here
Module -11 Answers : Click Here
Module -12 Answers : Click Here

નિષ્ઠા 3.0 તાલીમની અહેવાલ ફાઇલ ડાઉનલોડ કરો. મોડ્યુલ 1 થી 12 ના તમામ અહેવાલ આ ફાઇલમાં લખી શકાશે. 
  • અહેવાલ ફાઇલ ફ્રોંટ પેજ
  • અહેવાલ ફાઇલ અનુક્રમણીકા
  • અહેવાલ ફાઇલ મોડ્યુલ વાઇઝ ફોર્મેટ

નિષ્ઠા 3.0 અંતર્ગત અહેવાલ  

NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Talim Course Module Link

Module -1 Joining : Click Here
Module -2 Joining : Click Here
Module -3 Joining : Click Here
Module -4 Joining : Click Here

NISHTHA તાલીમની તમામ અપડેટ મેળવવા માટે... ખાસ WhatsApp ગ્રુપમાં જોડાઓ


🪀  Nishtha તાલીમ ગ્રુપ-1
🪀  Nishtha તાલીમ ગ્રુપ-2
🪀  Nishtha તાલીમ ગ્રુપ-3
🪀  Nishtha તાલીમ ગ્રુપ-4
🪀  Nishtha તાલીમ ગ્રુપ-5

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You can use the App Widget to enable/disable spoken announcements. That way you can quickly shut down the system if you're not in a good place to hear them.

Our Caller ID Announcer app also identifies unknown telephone numbers so that you know who called you, even if the number is not on your contact list. This call announcer and sms announcer app for android is ideal when you are working, driving or doing other things and you need to put your phone on hands free mode. The best thing about Caller Name Announcer Pro? It's free to download and use for any Android user, user, or phone.

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• Our app identifies the caller and text message sender and announces it aloud, serving as a caller check but also a caller name speaker alert system.

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