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Gujarat All Primary school Head Teachers ni 1 Day Training Babat GCERT no Paripatra, 20/02/2020

Immediate reporting of numerical details of teachers b.  R .  C.  Co.  This is how the auditor is instructed to do.  Instructions for training: • Prepare for your district.  R .  P.  And s.  R .  P.  The name of the name is sent along with the Excel file.  District-wise numbers are also included.  • The required training classes should be organized as per the number mentioned in the accompanying letter.  Not all teachers can be invited from a single school.  * Std in head training.  1 to 3, std.  3 to 4 and std.  It is desirable for teachers to be selected from all 3 or 3 standard.  • The leaflet outlines more than one training class of 3 teachers. They should take into account the training of teachers of different talukas in different units  Place of training between two talukas or b.  R .  C.  It is desirable to keep the building.  To organize a total of four training classes by dividing the teachers.  

No more than six specialists can be used in these four categories: 1 + 2 = 1 M.  (According to the training of the NCRET KRP, different subject matter specialists will have to be taken in all four classes.)  • The teacher present in the training will have to give both the pedagogy and the leadership module.  Pre-training and Post-Test on-line district / Block M before training.  I.  S.  It has to be planned to take over.  • Block M at the training site.  I.  S.  Good to be present d.  P.  C.  Will have to report.  The amount of training as per the roll for head training is Rs.  T  G.  S.  Has been done.  The rollout is involved with this.  Along with this, a training accounting roll is also included.  With the signature of the Principal - after completing the training with the coins.  We will have to send the exact account by 5-7-8.  The amount allocated for head training cannot be spent for any other purpose.
Letter of Gujarat Education Department: Letter dated 15/02/2020, subject to reference and mention of the letter dated 5/2/2020 of the Human Resource Development Department of the Government of India, enclosed with reference letter.  In order to reduce the risk of viral infection, follow the important precautions involved with all the schools in your state (standard 1 to 12), including the Government of India involved.  Ramam given instructions to request your action levels in order to circulate.


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