Adhyayan nishpattio Adharit mulyankan babat SSA no paripatra, 09-03-2020

Paripatra on the evaluation of teaching practitioners.  The "Transformation of Aspirational Districts Program" is implemented by the Policy Commission.  The program has been implemented in Narmada and Dahod districts of Gujarat under two districts of Gujarat.

Adhyayan nishpatti na mulyankan babat paripatra

 The program has been launched to check the improvement of the social and economic status of these two districts.

The Gujarat State School Textbook Board, Gandhinagar, has organized the program to ensure that the value-added textbooks are readily available to all the standard 1 to 8 self-reliant schools in your state.  For this, District Distributors have been appointed in all the districts of the state.

 The Board has arranged that the textbooks of the self-reliant schools will be supplied by the distributors at cost-effective textbooks.  The gssstb of the congregation with this.  A list of the names, addresses and mobile numbers of the registered distributors of the district wise boards of the state is available on the online website.  Private - Depending on the requirement of textbooks for the self-reliant schools, they should be given to the District Distributor designated by the Board before 01-03-2020.

 Report the above details to all the self-employed schools in the district through the District Primary Education Officer and the Govt.  All arrangements have been made by the Board to ensure that the self-reliant school receives timely textbooks from its district distributor.

 The Policy Commission is constantly striving for the development of national indices.  In addition, an evaluation will be conducted on the basis of Teaching Performance on 26th and 27th March 2020 in the Government Primary School and Government-owned Primary Schools of Standard-1 to 8 of these two districts through the Policy Commission and MHRD in collaboration with NCERT.

 In which the children of these two districts have to do very well on the basis of their results and the progress of our state is given in the effort to get the best out of your level and give the necessary instruction in your district.

 In these two districts, a video conference will also be held from the office of the Principal of the district, DEOshree, DPCshree and TPEOshri and all BRCs under the above reference.

Adhyayan nishpattio Adharit mulyankan babat SSA no paripatra, 09-03-2020

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