When will schools / colleges reopen after lockdown?|Important news regarding education

Date wise Timetable. Subject - "Teacher's Festival - Seminar on National Education Policy 2020" Matter ... Sir, to mention or respect the above subject and context.  Starting from 5th September by the Education Department on the instruction of the Minister of Education.  A seminar on "Teacher's Day - National Education Policy 2020" has been organized till September 24, 2020.

The details of this plan are as follows: Teacher's Festival - Seminar on National Education Policy 2020 ”(Phase-I) Dat.  On 5th September, 2020 from 02:00 to 04:00 in the afternoon through Vyseg Vand Gujarat Channel-50 Mann.  Education Minister Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, Hon.  Minister of Education (State Level) Vibhavariben Dave as well as Hon'ble Secretary Dr.  Vinod Rao, Pvt.  And median.  Seminar on National Education Policy 2020 in the presence of education Teachers Festival - Sango regarding National Education Policy 2020 ”(Phase-2) - 0 Dt.  From 8th September onwards.  Every day on 24th September, 2020 from 08:30 to 10:00 through Bayseg, Gujarat Channel-50 has organized a seminar on National Education Policy 2020 in the presence of experts from various disciplines of the state.

 All the teachers, head teachers and teacher instructors of the state are expected to join the online program in these two phases from their place.  Therefore, everyone is encouraged to join this program from your level.

Subject: Virtual class for students of Std-9 and 10 and Std-12 Science stream and General stream (Commerce). Regarding the above subject, to state that due to the current epidemic of Koro, it is not possible to start academic work by calling students in schools.

 Therefore, students are being imparted home based education through various mediums under the home learning program.  Online Broadcast for Mathematics and Science subject for Std-9 and 10 students under Home Learning and for Nama Basics and Statistics subject in Std-12 Science stream in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Std-12 General Stream (Commerce)  In the mode, the entire education office, Gandhinagar has started virtual classes through Microsoft Teams, Facebook live, YouTube Live as well as JIO TV.

 Included with this is the timetable for the virtual class of Std-9 and 10 and Std-12 Science Stream and General Stream (Commerce) till 30/09/2020.

 Youtube: https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UCj_MbJEpkmF6FNXPjyZVIOA?  view _as = subscriber

 JIO TV: Enter Home Learning Gujarat in the search in jity app.

 The broadcast can be viewed via YouTube Live and JIO TV via the link above.

 It can also be viewed through Microsoft Teams and Facebook live link.

 Microsoft Teams and Facebook live link will be sent to you by the office here.

 All information related to this broadcast is provided by you to Government, RMSA.  , Model School, Model Day School, KGBV.  , Adarsh ​​Residential School as well as students of Granted Schools are requested to deliver.

 Private school students can also watch the broadcast on YouTube Live

When will schools / colleges reopen after lockdown?, Important news regarding education