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Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana : (પ્રધાન મંત્રી માતૃવંદના યોજના)

 Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana :  (પ્રધાન મંત્રી માતૃવંદના યોજના)

Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana :  (પ્રધાન મંત્રી માતૃવંદના યોજના)

In India, women do not have enough food. Half of the country’s women are obese, a third are considered malnourished. When the mother herself is hungry, she gives birth to a weak child. A pregnant woman suffering from malnutrition does not get proper nutrition from the mother in the womb, which leads to the development of the baby. Therefore, the newborn baby weighs less. Many women have to work in childbirth due to poverty and economic constraints. Without language. The body becomes weak, the baby does not get the milk it is feeding, so he is alone and the baby has many weaknesses. In response, the Government of India announced the Prime Minister's Vandana Evana Mantra under the National Food Security Act 2017, which will be implemented in all regions of the country and will monitor the health of pregnant women and children. .


  • Mothers who give birth to their first child receive a means of subsistence and a pension.
  • Pregnant women and midwives earn more and more so that they get the comfort they need, which makes them and their children more successful.


All women are shown during this period and within six months of birth, except those working or currently caring for government or public institutions in the state.

This program will help all pregnant women who give birth for the first time in the family after the year 2018. January 1, for nursing mothers only.

  • Pregnancy is calculated based on the date of menstruation mentioned in the client's medical book.
  • If a miscarriage or birth occurs
  • This tip can only be used once.
  • Women who have had a miscarriage or are still pregnant can use this program during pregnancy.

If it detects the first stage of pregnancy and the baby is born later, the last stage is given after the first part of the second pregnancy. Similarly, when you remove some of the parts you received, you can use other parts.

If the recipient receives all the facilities of parental care, there is no other support at the time of childbirth, but the pregnant woman is entitled to receive care after the birth of the child.

If the Anganwad, Anganwad or Ash worker is entitled to anything, he should use the mantra Metrobindan Ivana.

Benefits of the scheme:

Pregnant women earn 5,000 5,000 for health and reproductive health. A pregnant woman making calls to an Anganwadi center or a public hospital is first given Rs. There will be armor. Six months of pregnancy, the second installment for the test will be paid Rs.5000. A child born with BCG, goose vaccine, DPT and hepatitis B vaccine is given one-third of the 500 scholarship.

If the required mother gets financial assistance under the Johnny Johnny Security Council, the fee will be calculated and the above fee will be Rs.

Women's Registration and Scheme:

  1. Eligible women for this program must be admitted to a government or local hospital, state hospital or hostel where the program runs.
  2. If named, the couple will receive Form 1-A, which includes a letter number, address number, no. Phone number, but also bank account number. This is a letter. .
  3. Registration form is not required and can be obtained from Anganwad offices and public hospitals.
  4. System users should receive an account number or confirmation form and enter a name indicating the size of the program.
  5. The first part of the program is issued when the user receives a maternity child protection card, signing a name, card number or certificate.
Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana :  (પ્રધાન મંત્રી માતૃવંદના યોજના)