New Helmet Rules: Central Government Guidelines for New Helmet and Traffic Rules

New Helmet Rules: Central Government Guidelines for New Helmet and Traffic Rules

ગુજરાતમાં ફરી એકવાર હેલ્મેટનો કાયદો બદલાઇ શકે છે, ખાસ માર્કા વાળા જ હેલ્મેટ માન્ય ગણાશે, કેન્દ્ર સરકારની નવી ગાઇડલાઇન્સ મુજબ

  • જાણો હેલ્મેટનો નવો નિયમ ક્યારથી લાગુ થશે?
  • માર્ગ અકસ્માતમાંથી બચાવવા માટે કેટલાક નવા નિયમ તૈયાર કર્યા

The National Program "Khelo India" has been launched by the Ministry of Sports, Government of India from December 2017 to virtually celebrate 'Fit India School Week - 2020' during December 2020.

 Physical fitness is the most important aspect of life ', taking this into consideration, the' Fit ​​India 'campaign has been launched by the Hon'ble Prime Minister on August 29, 2019.

 As part of the 'Fit India' campaign, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India has organized a virtual celebration of 'Fit India School Week-2020' in every school for 4-6 days during December 2020.  Which has been sent here with the relevant letter-II.  The guidelines for the virtual celebration of 'Fit India School Week 2020' received from the 'Fit India' website of the Government of India are attached herewith.

 Every school in your district gets the attached guide immediately, and every school registered online following the guide will start the virtual celebration of 'Fit India School Week - 2020' from December 14, 2020, uploading 2 photographs and 1 video link of the celebration.  You will have to report the necessary instructions from your level to get the certificate of constipation vile online.

 Fit India School Week

 This year "Fit India School Week" will be celebrated virtually (online) in schools in December 2020.


 1. Schools to ensure that all students, staff, teachers, parents and board members actively participate in Fit India School Week.

 2. Schools can create a new page on "Fit India School Week 2020" website and upload activities / related photo / video of school level activities on it.

 3. The school has to register at "" and upload a link to photographs and videos of the activities.

 4. Schools can celebrate Fit India School Week online or on the ground for 4-6 days starting December 14,

 5. Online registered schools will have to upload 2 photos and 1 video link of Fit India School Week on Fit India portal.

 6. All registered schools will be able to download the e-certificate from the Fit India portal for the school as well as for the students after celebrating the Fit India School Week and uploading the details.

 7. All registered schools can download the digital certificate from the Fit India portal after the successful organization of Fit India School Week.

 8. Fit India School Week is for school staff, teachers, students and parents to encourage schools to share activities on their social media channels with the #NewIndiaFitIndia and itFitIndiaOff tags.

 Schools can conduct innovative experiments to involve teachers and parents in fitness activities.

 Steps to Register for Fit India School Week:

 1. First visit the Fit India website

 2. Click on Fit India School Week-2020 Events.

 3. Click Register as the organizer.

 4. Register as a school and click on login if already registered.

 5. Once logged in, organize activities under the Fit India School Week category.

 6. Submit the details of the activities and write the names of the contestants to get the e-certificate of Fit India School Week

 To upload photographs and videos:

 Once you organize Fit India School Week you can upload 2 photos and 1 video leak on Fit India website.

 Share photos and videos of Fit India School Week on social media platforms of students, parents and staff of the school with the tag #NewIndiaFItIndia and @fitindiaoff.

 Registered school participants can add names to download e-certificates for students, parents and staff.

 Virtual (Online) Activities Day Activity for Fit India School Week Celebration 2020

 (i) Virtual Assembly - Fee Hand Exercises

 (ii) Fun and fitness (exercise with pleasure) - aerobics, dance forms, rope skipping, hopscotch, crooked and running from one place to another etc.

 The following link based Fit India Active Brake Casus (Mentoring Activities) can be used for demonstration

 (i) Virtual Assembly - General Yogas https: // yoga.

 (i) Discussions, Dialogues, Lectures on "Reinforcing the Mind After Epidemic" - Activities for Mental Health for Students, Staff and Parents (ii) Open Letter to the Youth Nation on "Power of Fitness" |  (iv) Free discussion on topics like "Exercise is a celebration of what our body can do, no punishment for what you ate" etc.

 (1) Brain games like concentration / problem solving for mental capacity development - e.g.  Chess, Rubik's wealth, etc.

 (i) “Hum Fit To Bharat Fit” or “New India Fit India” poster making competition

 (ii) Preparation of advertisement (poster) on "Hum Kit To Bharat Fit Emotional and Physical Wellness are interconnected"

 04 I Discussions, dialogues, lectures etc. on “Food and Nutrition during Epidemic” for students / teachers and parents

 (Ii) Essay / Poetry Competition on the theme "Breathing Healthy Epidemic"

 (i) On topics like "Get well, don't give up", "Mental inheritance is not a goal but travel" etc.  Creating a podcast / movie

 05 |  Online quiz related to exercises / sports

 (i) Challenges for students, teachers / parents e.g.  Watts Gale Step - Up Challenge Spot Jogging Rope Jump Ball Billing etc.

 (i) Speeches by inspiring speakers for students, parents and school staff

 06 |  1 day dedicated to family fitness:

 (i) Exercise in conjunction with students and parents - Demonstration of use of Fit India Active Day Casseroles |  Can be done for purposes

 (I) Constructive use of home appliances for sports and exercise.

 E.g.  Warmup exercises Aluminum foil inside socks - Ball and any piece of wood - Fitness circuit for playing bat cricket - Draw stairs on the floor with chalk

New Helmet Rules: Central Government Guidelines for New Helmet and Traffic Rules

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