CRC - BRC Kamgiri Babat Paripatra, 19/04/2021

Covid-19 Darmiyan CRC - BRC Kamgiri Babat Paripatra, samagra Shixa Gujarat, 15 thi 30 April Sudhi Block Par Hajri Babat, 19/04/2021 Letter

Subject: Preventive measures to control the transmission of Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) as well as the functioning of the BRC / CRC / URC Coordinator.  

Reference: Government of Gujarat, Circular No. of General Administration Department: Perch - 102040-201 - T dated 17.2.2021 According to the above subject and reference, to state that at present there is an epidemic of Corona virus in the country.  In such circumstances, contract based employees are working at the state level, district level, taluka level as well as cluster level under the entire education. 

crc brc kamgiri babat paripatra 19.04.2021

In order to control the transmission of Novel Corona Virus (Covid - 19) by the State Government in the public interest.  Instructions have been given from the reference letter regarding the continuation of government offices with 30% staff from 13.8.207 to 20.2.2021. 

(A copy of the letter is attached herewith) In view of the fact that the current coronary transition rate has increased, the BRC / CRC / URC Coordinator is exempted from visiting the school as per his tour diary unless further notice.  During this time, the CRC Coordinator will have to act at the BRC Bhavan as per the instructions of the reference circular.  As well as the work should be done as per the instructions given by the District Project Coordinator and District Primary Education Officer. 

As well as Teoshri will have to do annual planning of schools in his cluster, learning indicator wise analysis of each data and planning accordingly.  The entire taluka will have to be planned for how to better implement the homling program in the near future.