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Pathya Pustako Shala Kaxa Sudhi Pahochadva Babat, 28-04-2021

Subject: Regarding the delivery of school textbooks from the taluka level to the school.  The books are delivered to the taluka level by the Mandal. 

Free textbooks are distributed to the primary school children of the state up to the taluka level by the school text book board.  And the cost of transporting it from the taluka level to the school level is borne by the district education committee / district panchayat at the school level from the contingency grant or other available grant received by that school every year. 

So if it is not possible to spend from this grant, then it is necessary to spend the school composite grant (school grant) received under the entire education in the school after spending as per the rules, which can also be done from the savings of that year. 

This action should be taken following the above suggested matters.  So that no unnecessary question arises in the future.  All schools concerned are advised to report from your level.