Mass Promotion Paripatra 2021 | Std 1 to 8 Ma Mass Promotion Aapva Babat GCERT no Paripatra

Dhoran 1 thi 8 ma Mass Promotion Aapva Babat Paripatra, GCERT Date- 22/04/2021

Subject: - Matter of giving mass promotion in standard 1 to 8.  Reference: Letter No. PRE / 112021/15 / K of Gujarat Government Education Department.  16/04/2021 2: Single file number of the office here: 2/2021 Dt.  07-04-2021 Sir, as you are well aware, during the current academic year 2020-21, due to Kovid-19, there has been very little formal evaluation of direct teaching and methodological work.  

Mass Promotion 2021 paripatra

Taking this into consideration, the state government has decided to give mass promotion to the students as per reference-1.  Home learning has been done through various mediums and also by teachers as well as informal assessment work so that students can learn at home.  In view of these matters, it is requested to consider the following instructions regarding the result sheet of the students under reference-1.  

1. To show the class promotion against the name of the student in the result sheet (D2 and D4) of the students in standard 1 and 2.  No need to show other details.  

2. In Std. 6th to 8th, the result sheet is to be prepared based on the constructive assessment done by the teacher.  This can be based on the informal assessment done by the teacher under Home Learning as well as periodic tests conducted during the year.  To show the details in Session 7 Structural Assessment Form A in Std. 8th to 8th, so that each student will be assessed 40 + 40 M 80 marks.  In addition, multiplying the 20 marks at the end of the year by considering the student's participation in Home Learning during the year.  Thus each student will be multiplied by 100 marks.  

3. Form B is not required to be filled in Std. 6 to 8.  

સુધારા પરિપત્ર,...  માસ પ્રમોશન પરિપત્ર 2021

● સંસ્કૃત વિષયનો ઉલ્લેખ નથી જેમાં, બીજીવાર વિષય ગણિત લખાયું તે વિષય સંસ્કૃત સમજવું...

વિષય સુધારાનો લેટર જુઓ...

Mass promotion sudhara paripata

4. Form c to show 40 marks of constructive assessment in the first session, 40 marks of constructive assessment in the second session and 20 marks of student participation in the self-assessment box.  

5. In Std. 4 in Hindi and English subject only in the second semester 40 marks of constructive assessment and 20 marks of student participation were obtained and multiplying from 60 marks per subject.

6. Thus the following merit should be taken into consideration in the progress sheet given to the student at the end of the year.

Grade should be shown in the progress sheet of standard 3 to 

7.  Both marks and grades should be shown in the progress sheet of standard 8.  

8. If any student of Std. 1 to 8 is not involved in the teaching process or assessment, then in the mark sheet of that student, show “Class Promotion”.  There is no need to multiply.  

9. In the ‘Comprehensive Developmental Collected Progress Form E’ of the students, this year is enough for the standard subject teacher to show only academic matters.  Student attendance and physical development are not required.  

10. As per the circular shown in reference-1, the students of Std-5 and Std-8 will also have to be given class promotion irrespective of their result.  Thanks co ...

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