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In an effort to prevent the transmission of second wave of Corona virus, 5% attendance in government offices and arrangement of Work From Home as well as implementation of universal facility regarding attendance  

Hon'ble Mr., to compliment on the above subject to state that at present the whole country including Gujarat is fighting against the second wave of Corona virus.  Intensive efforts are being made under the sensitive leadership of Hon'ble Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister to prevent this transition.  The State Administration and its officers / employees are constantly working in the above efforts of the Government.  

In which many hardworking officers / employees as well as their families have died due to coronation.  However, in this second wave of recent infestations as well as rising mortality rates, large numbers of government employees / officials are becoming infected very quickly and spreading the infection to others i.e. becoming hotspots of government offices or campuses in Corona.  

The Gujarat High Court has also been asked by the state government to issue specific guidelines to prevent the transmission of this corona. The following is the demand of the Sundar Mandal: (1) The offices of the Gujarat government (excluding essential services) should be closed or one third of the employees / officers should be present in rotation.  Implementing arrangements.  

(2) Signing of Muster to check the attendance of the employees, exempted from fingerprint, BAD system etc. which the branch officer should arrange for the attendance of all the employees of his branch so that the employees can contact the Muster, fingerprint device as well as at 10:30 and 9:10.  That those who gather in one place for attendance can be prevented from truly transmitting the virus to them.  

(2) If any employee / officer or any of his / her family members is infected with Corona, such employees / officers should be considered present on duty so that the transmission of virus can be kept away from government offices in real sense.  Under the current system, corona-infected employees are given medical leave, so that somewhat mild and asymptomatic employees with coronary symptoms may develop a reluctance to report.  

As they continue to come to the office, they inadvertently spread the transition to other employees as well as applicants.  Hence the corona transition to prevent office workers as well as applicants

.  The novel Corona virus (COVID-19) has been declared a global epidemic by the WHO.  In this regard, instructions and guidelines have been issued from time to time by the Central Government and the State Government.  The impact of COVID-19 is spreading in some cities in the state.  

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Shixako Mate 33% Staff Hajri Temaj Work From Home

The state government has seriously considered this.  At the end of the adult deliberation, the state government has decided to implement the following.  Ta.  With effect from 18.03.2021, no more than 50 (fifty) persons can gather in a closed or open space for a wedding ceremony.  લગ્ન Wedding ceremonies may not be held during the night period in cities where night curry is in force.  .  .  In case of death, no more than 50 (fifty) persons can be present at the funeral.  . 

 Public political / social / religious events, receptions, birthday celebrations or other gatherings will be completely banned with immediate effect.  During April and May, festivals of all religions will not be celebrated in public and people will not be able to gather in public.  All the festivals should be celebrated with the family at home according to their faith.  

The attendance of employees in government, semi-government, board, corporation and all types of private offices should be kept up to 50% or arrangements should be made for the employees to come on duty on alternate day.  This provision does not apply to essential services.  

All religious places in the state  An appeal is made to keep it closed to the public till 30.03.2021.  It is advisable that daily worship / rituals at religious places be performed by the administrators / priests of religious places with limited number of people.  Devotees are also urged not to go to shrines for direct darshan.

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