Include these things in your diet to increase immunity in monsoon

Include these things in your diet to increase immunity in monsoon

It becomes very important for us to have healthy and immunity boosting food to avoid diseases while enjoying the rain.

Fruits like orange, kiwi, citrus and papaya help in the production of leukocytes needed to fight infectious diseases.

It is the monsoon season and we all love the rain that comes after the scorching heat of summer. We like to dance in the rain, eat corn or chickpeas, enjoy hot tea or we like to go for long drives. But with the rains comes many diseases like cold, malaria, dengue, diarrhoea, pneumonia, fever etc. Monsoons are the prime breeding season for mosquitoes, which very quickly contaminate our surroundings, especially the water. Apart from this, monsoon also changes the temperature as it is sometimes hot and sometimes cold. Due to these factors, the body becomes so compromised that it falls ill easily. So while enjoying the blissful rains, it becomes very important for us to eat healthy and immunity boosting food to avoid diseases. Know what to eat in this season:

Garlic and ginger: Try to include garlic-garlic or ginger-ginger in your daily diet as both of them are rich in immunity boosting properties. Garlic contains sulfur-containing compounds and ginger contains heat in the form of gingerols. They are both great for immunity. Apart from this, garlic fights bacteria, viruses and fungus and increases T-cells in the body to fight the virus.

Turmeric: Turmeric – The main component of turmeric is curcumin, which is a powerful antioxidant, anti-fungal and antiviral that helps protect the body from diseases.
Vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables: Vegetables rich in vitamin C include paprika, lemon, etc., but also contain antioxidants and beta-carotene to help boost the body's fighting ability. Fruits such as oranges, kiwis, citrus fruits and papayas help in the production of white blood cells needed to fight infectious diseases. Since our body does not produce or store Vitamin C, it is important for us to consume foods rich in Vitamin C daily.
Dried fruits: Dry fruits like almonds, apricots, apricots, peanuts and dates are rich in important vitamins and minerals that are essential for immunity.
Nutmeg: Minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron and manganese found in nutmeg help in improving the immune system.

Green tea or herbal tea: These teas contain polyphenols which are a plant-based antioxidant that has a strong effect on immunity. Green tea with cloves, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper can also boost your immunity.
Seeds (oilseeds): Sunflower seeds and sesame seeds are rich in immunity-boosting compounds like omega-3, zinc and magnesium.

Yogurt: Yogurt contains probiotics, a good bacteria that can help boost your immunity. It stimulates the immune system to fight disease and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Protein rich foods: Eat protein rich foods like vegetables and beans during this monsoon season. Protein has a huge impact on improving your immunity.

Basil: Basil contains ingredients that fight bacterial and fungal infections. A cup of hot basil tea can help improve your overall defense mechanism.

Spices: Spices like mustard, asafoetida, fenugreek, clove, black pepper and neem are great for boosting immunity.

What to eat during the rain? What not to eat

Avoid spicy, heavy bhola dishes like pav bhaji, pizza, rasgulla, dabeli etc. to stay healthy in monsoon.

The rainy season begins in the month of Shravan. According to Ayurveda, there are six asons in a year: winter, spring, summer, rain, autumn and fall. Everyone has two months. Shravan և Bhadarvo is considered to be rain. Which covers the period from July to mid-September.

Poor digestion.
During this rain, your gastrointestinal tract becomes weak. Clouds: Imbalance in the body's breasts due to moisture. Normally we eat the same food in the same season, but due to changes in se tu, stomach, weak stomach, indigestion it quickly spoils the pita, acidity, fever, headache. Problems also occur, such as hives, etc. That is why the rules of fasting during this period are mainly given on religious holidays.

It is evening season. Twilight lowers your immune system in any season. At that moment, parasites, bacteria and viruses that have entered the body are found in the open field.

With the onset of summer season, many people start home remedies to avoid heat problems like Sudarshan Churna, Kadu-Kariyu, Tulsi mixture.

A mixture of basil. Take 12 to 15 teaspoons of basil wash, wash 100 fill 100 ml of water, add a pinch of ginger, add a teaspoon of ginger, boil 3-4 times until water rises, boil twice. Three times. Viral - Viral fever is a home remedy to prevent fever, take 2 once a day. The antivirus properties of basil are now world famous. Ginger is added to digest this mixture. Gol-metha-sweet juice immediately removes impotence.

The scribes prescribed another medicine to stop the onset of fever.

Abhadikavat: Harde, Nigarmot, Dana, Raktachanda, Padmakasta Ardusi, Indrajava, Khas, Galo, Garmalo Gol, Kalipat, Ginger.

Take the same medicine as above. Cut it in half. Take 20 grams of this powder, mix it with four glasses of water, soak it in the evening, boil it in the morning, strain it and drink after one glass. To prevent fever, drink it only once in the morning, and if you have a fever, take it twice in the morning and evening. Thanks to this wonderful combination, sins, virtues are digested, fever passes. Taking herbs that quickly normalize the temperature with sweating does not cure fever. But there are other problems as well. Which is not the case with Abhayadi.

It also relieves anorexia, itching, weakness, cold, cough, thirst. Bs herbs, bs herbs etc. are used regularly to cleanse the stomach. Due to the cooling properties of pepper, coriander, etc., toxins accumulated in the body are excreted through urine, which increases kidney function. Herbs like ginger, bitter, increase appetite by increasing liver function. Eliminates anorexia.

Eliminates digestive defects, bloating, sour-bitter bloating, bitter mouth, etc.

Lemon syrup. Fresh sugar syrup made from sugar, dill, black pepper - helps maintain the immune system, as it strengthens the digestive system is rich in vitamin C. Citrus juice should be drunk during the rainy season.

Eat this much
To avoid diseases like fever, cold, acidity, eat only freshly cooked, home-cooked meals. Food is easily digested by eating less than 10%. In case of fever, light fluids - complete physical and mental rest (away from laptop, cell phone, phone) is required.

Sweet fruits, apples, pomegranates etc. as Ason Tu

Don't eat that much
Don't eat spicy, heavy lamb meal like pav bhaji, pizza, rasgulla, dabeli. Don't refuse foreign food. Old food. In today's oven-packaging age, stale food is hard to find, so take a little precaution to prevent stale food toxins from entering your stomach.

Drink boiled water.
Leep nausea during the day slows down the gastrointestinal tract and accelerates the onset of attacks.

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There are different diets for each season. Consuming such foods during the rainy season reduces the chances of getting sick. Today we will talk about what to eat, what not to eat during the monsoon season, as well as how to avoid illness by taking care of our daily hygiene.

Keep these things in mind while eating and drinking in monsoon

Gastritis is mild during the monsoon season. Due to which you feel less hungry.
By using mint, basil, green tea, ginger and lemon in the morning, we can maintain good digestion. Boiling it and drinking it daily increases immunity.
Use right or left water daily in your food.
Vitamin C enhances immunity. Therefore, lemon juice should be drunk daily.
You should use more fruits like pomegranate, pear, violet etc. Eating a knife keeps the liver healthy and provides relief in diabetes.
Prawn is considered the king of vegetables in monsoon. Eating it gives you the same amount of energy as eating an apple. So eat shrimp.
It is necessary to wash, use fruits or vegetables. Also, if possible soak in water for 10 minutes, then use.

Remember these things in your daily life

be careful not to fly
take care of cleanliness
Mosquito repellents can be obtained by sniffing the throat owners.
Light a lamp of neem oil to drive away flies and mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes can be driven away by burning camphor.
If the smell of camphor bag also gives relief to the lungs, then smell it.
Do not put in the dustbin.
Why fast in Shravan?

Religion and Ayurveda are intertwined. Hence fasting is observed in this month. They also keep fast in Parusan. People do it well in the name of religion and stay healthy. The knowledge of the wise cannot be found anywhere. He had a vision. On the basis of this, special importance of fasting has been told in Shravan.

Fasting has special significance in this season. At this point, the gastrointestinal tract remains cloudy.
The digestive system calms down by fasting.
Eating less means staying healthy.
Eat more fruits during the fast.
Drinking boiled water also has special significance.

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