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Bharat Caller App - Caller ID Spam Block ID Caller App (No.1)

Bharat Caller App - Caller ID Spam Block ID Caller Application

હવે Trucaller ને ટકકર આપશે આપણી સ્વદેશી એપ ભારતકોલર 🇮🇳

👌આ એપ થી તમારી પ્રાઈવસી સેફ રહેશે
👌 હવે તમને ફોન કરનારનુ નામ,ઈ-મેલ અને ફેસબુક ID પણ ખબર પડશે
📌ફ્રોડ કોલ્સને બ્લોક કરી શકાસે

આ એપની ખાસીયતો જોવા માટે અને ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે

India Caller App - Caller ID Spam Block ID Caller Application Download - India Caller is a 100% Indian ID caller app to identify unknown callers.

India Caller ID is 100% made in India caller ID app for identification and unknown calls. It works like caller id app. India Caller ID may display caller ID name when you receive unknown calls, please stay tuned with us, always visit our website to know upcoming latest jobs, technology tips and general information updates. latest updates.

india caller app

India Caller ID has over 50 million user database and over 1 billion data from the global community. This is the only app you need to make your communication secure and smart.

key features

Caller ID: Using the most advanced India Caller ID app to find out who is calling you, it can identify most unknown incoming calls with caller names. You can get caller details instantly and also decide whether to answer the call or not.

Smart Call Log : It shows in recent call history with caller name in detail. Including missed calls, full incoming and outgoing calls. No more unknown phone numbers.

Phone Number Search: Find any phone number with our smart search system. Use the phone number lookup app to see who called me. To view real caller id easily!

OFFLINE DATABASE: Identify unknown calls and messages without internet access. Offline database is available in India, Egypt, Brazil, USA and Saudi Arabia…etc. Display Caller ID without internet.

Why choose Bharat Caller App?

  • Powerful number database to find call details of unknown phone numbers.
  • Smart phone number search helps to know who is calling.
  • Scan and identify your call history. Receive contacts and display details about strange calls.
  • Identify India Caller ID with name and photo without internet.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Support single and dual sim phones.

Upgrade BharatCaller ID and enjoy premium features:

- no ads

BharatCaller ID is multilingual, and with the world's largest phone number database, you can use it anywhere! Try the free version of India Caller ID 2021 now!

pay attention:

- India Caller ID app will not upload your phone book to make it public or searchable. We also do not track your location.

- Phone, Contacts, SMS and other apps up to Android 6.0 version request permissions on Draw.

India Caller ID is a smart and secure communication app that helps to identify phone calls with caller id name, so you can know who is calling me.

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In Gujarati

Bharat Caller App

What is Indian Truecaller And How to Use ?

This indigenous application will compete with Truecaller! Know what are its features and benefits?

Made in India indigenous app Bharat Caller ready to compete with Truecaller, Android-iOS Smartphone in Gujarati Technology News
Indian Caller ID app has been launched to compete with the internationally known caller ID app Truecaller. The name of this Swadeshi Caller ID (Swadeshi Caller ID) is BharatCaller. Engineers who made this claim that this Caller ID does not upload your call logs, contacts or messages to their servers like other foreign and other caller IDs. Plus its employees don't have access to your database of phone numbers. (Truecaller vs Bharatcaller comparison)

Prajwal Sinha, an engineer and alumnus of IIM Bangalore, who made Bharat Caller, said the app could be an alternative to Truecaller in the country. It is quite safe. Kickhead Software Pvt Ltd, the enterprising company that created it, does not keep data on your call records, messages and contacts. Engineers of this company work in Bangalore and Noida. This app is available on Playstore and iOS. Anyone can download it for free. This app has been downloaded 6000 times so far.
Prajwal said that BharatCaller never uploads call logs and contacts of users on its servers so that users are not deprived of their privacy rights. All the data of this app is stored in encrypted format. It is completely made in India. Also, no one from outside India can access its data.

Prajwal Sinha said that the main objective behind making this was to bring the Indian Caller ID app. Because Truecaller was recently banned by the Indian Army due to suspected spyware. Our team realized that there are too many non-Indian applications in terms of caller ID right now. There is no Indian caller ID application that offers as good features as Truecaller. After this Prajwal and his friend Kunal Pasricha decided to make Bharat Collar.
The two spent three months researching how Caller ID worked. After this BharatCaller started making in December 2020. It took six months to make. This was followed by experiments, which were quite successful. The first version was built for 10 million users. Bharat Caller has been launched for the public on 15th August 2021.

Prajwal said that it will take a month for the Bharat Caller to become completely like a trucker. It is being updated continuously. Improvements in AI based algorithms related to CallerID. Also it has been launched in many languages. So that Indian citizens can use this caller ID in their own language.

Prajwal Sinha said that other international companies competing with Truecaller are Voskal (Taiwan), Hiya (USA), Showcaller (Taiwan) and Mr. India. Number (USA). But there is not a single Indian caller ID company that can stand in this category. Prajwal and Kunal have previously worked for some of the best software companies in the world.

Prajwal and his team have also been awarded the National Startup Award 2020. Prajwal and Krunal's Kickhead Software represented India at VivaTech 2021, Europe's largest startup conference. Where Prime Minister Narendra Modi also addressed. Prajwal said that Bharat Caller App can be the best example of self-reliant India and Make in India.

this app will protect your privacy.

Before the Indian Army banned the existing TrueCaller app in the year 2017, this app will protect your privacy.

BharatColor app supports Indian languages ​​like English, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati and Marathi
This app is for both Android and iOS users

After the ban on Chinese app in India, many desi apps have come in the country. In this episode, the caller ID app 'Bharat Color' has stepped into India to compete with Truecaller.

The developers of the app say, “Our app is ahead of Truecaller in certain features and this app will give a better experience to Indians than Truecaller.

There is no threat to the privacy of the users with the BharatColor app

BharatColor app does not save the contacts and call logs of its users on its servers. It will not harm the privacy of the users in any way. Also, the company does not have a database of users' phone numbers and no data is accessed.

Server Center is in Mumbai
All the data of this app is stored in encrypted format and it also has Mumbai based server, it prevents hacking. So Bharat Color app is completely safe. BharatColor supports Indian languages ​​like English, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati and Marathi. Users can easily use the app by choosing their preferred language.

This app is for both Android and iOS users. This is a free app. The app has been downloaded 6000 times so far.

Caller ID will detect unknown calls

With the help of caller id app, you will get to know the name of the caller, who is he?, his e-mail id and also his facebook id.

If a phone number isn't saved in you, before you receive the call, you'll know which bank company it belongs to, whether it's for a credit card or any other person. Fraud calls can also be blocked with the help of this app. You can also block junk calls from the stock market including real estate companies and insurance companies.

Who created Bharat Color App?

BharatColor app is developed by Kickhead Softwares Pvt Ltd, an Indian company. The founder of the company is Prajwal Sinha who studied at IIM Bangalore and the co-founder is Kunal Pasricha. His office is in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Truecaller was banned by the Indian Army
The purpose behind creating the BharatColor app is to introduce India's own caller ID app, as TrueColor was banned by the Indian Army in 2017 due to privacy concerns. This app had to be closed due to spyware. The Indian Army has asked its jawans to immediately remove the Truecaller app from their phones.