Bhashadip Ekam Kasoti Solution (3 to 5): 'Bhashadip - Purva Kasoti' paper Solution for std 3 to 5

Bhashadip Ekam Kasoti Solution (3 to 5): 'Bhashadip - Purva Kasoti' paper Solution for std 3 to 5, STD 3 to 5 Language Pre Test 

Bhashadip Kasoti: std 3 to 5
Kasoti date: 23-11-2019
Time: 10:00 to 11:00 am.

Bhashadip Kasoti: (Bhashadip Unit Test) Based on the story you read, answer the following questions. It had been raining for three days. All the rivers and streams of Champakavan were overflowing. The animals could not go for food or to hunt in the forest. The poor were very weak from hunger. Years ago, a bridge built of wood was broken and strained. After the rain stops, the black bear and pearl go to meet King Sher Singh. The two pleaded with the feet, "Your Majesty, Miku has come to the monkey town to teach construction. You command him to build a stone bridge."

Gujarat Education Department Dvara "Vachan Abhiyan" Chalavava ma Aave chhe. Te mate Vachan Sahitya Book [BHASHADIP EKAM KSOTI SOLUTION 3 TO 5] Dhoran vise Taiyar Karva ma Aavya chhe. Ahi thi pdf Download kari Shakashe. 

Bhashadip Ekam Kasoti Solution (3 to 5)
Bhashadip Ekam Kasoti Solution (3 to 5)

[Bhashadip Ekam Kasoti Solution] 
std 3 to 5

Vachan Abhiyan Module For Teachers: Teacher Training through BiSeg under Reading Campaign Reference:  Honor found on the branch note of 9/1/2.  The approval of the Director is to state that following the above subject and context, the Department of Education, Gujarat has decided to conduct a 'reading campaign' in the primary schools during this year in 'standard reading'.  The campaign is set to begin listening-utterance-based oral language practice through September 7. 

 Bhashadip Purva kasoti & Booklet For std 3 to 5: For this, the oral language practice activity set up here (standard 1 to 5) is to reach every teacher as a unit test through SSA.  For successful implementation of Reading Campaign 'Reading Campaign', it has been decided to impart training to all the teachers of State Level 1 - 2 through BiSeg.  The scheme is as follows.  Ta.  You will be training teleconferencing through Reading Campaign Training Biasag on 9/1/9.  11.  00 to 12.  During the 30 teachers from grade 6 to 8 and 15.  30.  11 to.  

During 10000 teachers of grade 1 to 5 are seen at school level unaccounted for and required queries * Monitoring each CRC, BRC coordinators, BRP, ADE, TPEO, DIET lecturer.  Individually everyone visits two schools during a teleconference.  The training will cover everything from the purpose of the reading campaign, its importance, a direct demonstration of the activities to be done during the campaign.  Therefore, please look at all the teachers of Teleconference Std. 3-5 above to take further action at your level.

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Bhashadip Ekam Kasoti Solution (3 to 5): 'Bhashadip - Purva Kasoti' paper Solution for std 3 to 5

Bhashadip Kasoti Gun Patrak (Marksheet) : Click here

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