Bhashadip Kasoti Gun Patrak | std 3 to 8 Bhashadip Ekam Kasoti Marksheet [Bhashadip Gun patrak] by

Bhashadip Kasoti Gun Patrak | std 3 to 8 Bhashadip Ekam Kasoti Marksheet [Bhashadip Gun patrak] by

Bhashadip Gun Patrak (Marksheet) PDF and EXCEL File - useful for Standard 3 to 8 All, Download here

Ekam Kasoti: Bhashadip, Language Pre Test
Standard: 3 to 8 All
Date: 23-11-2019

Bhashadip Ekam Kasoti (Unit_Test) dhoran 3 thi 8 ma Tarikh- 23-11-2019 na Divase Leva ma Avi Hati. aa kasoti ma Language ma Students ni Vachan Xamta - Ane Bhasha samaj aadharit Aa kasoti Levama Aavel hati. Aa kasoti na Online Gun Ni Entry Prashn vise Karava ni Hovathi Tena Matenu "Bhashadip Gun Patrak" (Marksheet) banavi ne teni PDF Ane Excel File Ahiya Mukva ma Aavel Chhe. je tamam Shixako ne Khuba j upayogi Thashe.

Bhashadip Kasoti Suchnao Babat Paripatra: Aa paripatra ma Bhashadip Kasoti Mateni tamam Suchnao Aapva ma Avel chhe. Je tame Vachi Ane tema thi Jaruri Suchnao Ekvar Samji lesho. Tyar bad Tena mateni tamam karyavahi kasvi.

Upcoming unit test, About the test on 23-11-19
 Instructions on single time and question paper, Bhashadip test scores do not count in constructive evaluation Letter

Under the aforementioned subject of reading comprehension under 'Bhashadeep' program, it is to be stated that in the primary schools of the state on 23-11-2019, there is going to be a reading comprehension test for students of standard 3 to 8 under the language 'program'. Request the following instructions in this regard from your level schools.

Bhashadip Gun Patrak (Marksheet)
Bhashadip Gun Patrak (Marksheet)

• The test is to be written to the students in the unit test notebook.
• This retrospective is being conducted for research purposes under the "Bhashadeep" program.
This test is not part of a periodic test. Therefore, its marks will not be considered in constructive evaluation. S. S. a . Student will have to make online entry of marks on the portal.
 The pre-test will be 50 marks and the time will be one hour. However, the purpose of this test is to know the child's predisposition to reading comprehension,
If a student does not complete the test in 1 hour, he may be given up to 15 minutes longer.
A general (general) test has been prepared for students of standard 3 to 5 on the pre-test and a general (common) test has been prepared for students in grades 6 through 8.
The test is expected to be taken fairly objectively as the foregoing test is intended for research purposes.
• Instructions contained in this test are also part of the reading comprehension request to ensure that students do not receive help from other student or teacher in explaining the instructions.

Bhashadip Kasoti Paper Solution: (Bhashadip Unit Test) Based on the story you read, answer the following questions. It had been raining for three days. All the rivers and streams of Champakavan were overflowing. The animals could not go for food or to hunt in the forest. The poor were very weak from hunger. Years ago, a bridge built of wood was broken and strained. After the rain stops, the black bear and pearl go to meet King Sher Singh. The two pleaded with the feet, "Your Majesty, Miku has come to the monkey town to teach construction. You command him to build a stone bridge."

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Bhashadip Ekam Kasoti Solution:

Bhashadip Gun Patrak (Marksheet) PDF and EXCEL File - useful for Standard 3 to 8 All, Download here

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