Vasti Ganatri Mate Prathmik Shikshako ne Falaj mukt Karva Babat Paripatra

Vasti Ganatri Mate Prathmik Shikshako ne Falaj mukt Karva Babat Paripatra, 28/02/2020 : Vasti Ganatri 2021 mate Purva Taiyari Indian Government dvara Chalu Thai gai chhe. Primary school na Teachers ne Ena ate ni talim ane kamgiri mate letter karva ma aavi rahya chhe. Aa letter pan Vasti ganatri mate kshetriya kamgiri mate karva ma aavel chhe.
Vasti Ganatri 2021 - IMP Letter by Government of India. Primary Teachers ne Vasti Ganatri 2021 Mate Kshetriya Kamgiri Sopava babate Bharat sarkar dvara Aa Circular karva ma aavel chhe. Je mujab Shikshako e Je te Vistar no Map Taiyar kari ane tenu Aayojan karva nu raheshe.

Gujarat State Examination Board, Gandhinagar is assigned as Officer on Special Duty, Gujarat Educational Research and Training Council, Gandhinagar.  As per the Resolution dated 12/02/2020 of the Department of Education, a uniform unit test and both the first and second semester tests will be organized in all Government, Grant-in-Aid and Self-reliant Primary Schools of the State.

 Mr. Jalu should also act as the Convener of the Command and Control Center for Schools (CCC) in the entire planning and implementation process, under the coordination of the Director Mr. GCERT.

 In which the coordination of the heads and branches of the various accounts will be undertaken in planning and implementation of the proposed CCC 2.0.

 Shree P.A.JALU Chairman.  The State Examination Board, Gandhinagar will have to submit a report section on the immediate effect of this additional work.  Circular in the name of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name ..

Important circular on relieving primary teachers of duty for census - 28-2-20.

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