Download Primary Teacher Setup (Mahekam) Register PDF and Excel File, Patrak 1 to 10

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Prathmik School na Shikshako mate Setup (Mahekam) Register ni PDF and Excel File Download karo. Patrak 1 to 10 Format Taiyar karva mate Only School na Staff ni Details Enter karo Etle Register Automatically Taiyar Thai Jashe.

PRIMARY SCHOOL MAHEKAM BABAT PARIPATRA | std 6 thi 8 - upar primary mahekam kotho
General Chat Lounge  On the subject of the above mentioned, the primary schools belonging to your district / town education committee.  In case of 31/08/2019, the student is instructed to prepare and present the teacher setup register in accordance with the sample and instructions given by the teacher set up by the date mentioned below.  

Mahekam Ganatri Format std 3 to 5 and 6 to 8 for All Primary school
After the setup register is ready for your district, you will be sent to the Gujarat State Primary Education Selection Committee's office, Sector-1, Gandhinagar at the following date and time for verification of the setup register and send an informed staff with soft copy (CD) in Shruti font.  The numerical details have to be prepared and presented in ARIAL font and the remaining details in Sruti font.
shikshak vidhyarthi mahekam Paripatra 2019


Given the current situation, the situation could be similar for the next two to three months.  Not all children seem to be enrolled in the current situation.  Also, the families living outside the village for work are currently going to their hometowns and they are also coming to Gujarat to get admission of their children in schools. They are also getting admission in government schools from private schools.  

At present it is not possible to get complete information about the number of students.  So that the setup is considered one month after the state schools open or the same setup of last year is implemented in the current year.  Please take appropriate decision in this matter and inform that department.  Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat .

Subject: Matter of giving the benefit of transfer to the education assistants in two years as per the circular of general administration department ... 

Class: 3 cadre was announced which has been implemented in most of the departments.  But no such circular has been issued in the primary department. Women employees of fixed salary or employees employed in disability quota who have completed at least one year of service will get the benefit of district transfer.  

Recently, in government secondary as well as higher secondary schools, education assistants have been given the benefit of district transfer by the education department in a circular.  Primary school assistants - teachers cannot be responsible for parents, spouses, children away from home and home for five or more important years at the beginning of their life as well as attend appropriate social, economic or family affairs. 
 In order to give the benefit of district transfer to the education assistants and teachers as soon as possible, they are requested to take appropriate decision and inform the department.  Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat .  Yours sincerely

Download Primary Teacher Setup (Mahekam) Register PDF and Excel File, Patrak 1 to 10



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